Upper Ocean Mooring Data Repository - ASREX91: The Acoustic Surface Reverberation Experiment
Ocean Sensors

Sea surface temperature sensors were mounted on the buoy bridle. Four Vector Measuring Current Meters (VMCMs) and six Brancker temperature recorders (TPODs) were deployed over the upper 120 meters of water.

Acronyms for instruments are provided in a list.

Variables Instrument SN Sample Rate Comments
1sstVAWR 723-5018 900s gridded
2tTPOD 3699 450s -
5t,vVMCM 1405 112.5s temps averaged
10t,vVMCM 0201 112.5s temps averaged
15t,vVMCM 0773 112.5s temps averaged
20t,vVMCM 0873 112.5s temps averaged
40tTPOD 3702 450s -
60tTPOD 3662 450s -
80tTPOD 3700 450s -
100tTPOD 3667 450s -
120tTPOD 3705 450s -

See instrument glossary for more information.

Last updated: May 17, 2008