Upper Ocean Mooring Data Repository - ASREX91: The Acoustic Surface Reverberation Experiment
Meteorological Instrumentation

Instrument Heights, Serial Numbers, and Timing
ASREX 91 Discus Buoy

A Velocity Averaging Wind Recorder (VAWR 723) and an IMET System were deployed.
Data presented is from the VAWR, the primary system.

Acronyms for instruments are provided in a list.

Height (m)*Variable Instrument SNSample Rate Notes
3.5longwave radiation VAWR2718515m PIR
3.5shortwave radiation VAWR2830015m Eppley
3.4wind speed VAWRVa72315m magvar 21.4
3.1wind direction VAWRVa72315m magvar 21.4
2.8barometric pressure VAWR4041115m NA
2.7relative humidity VAWRv-022-00115m NA
2.7air temperature VAWR581615m NA
-1msea temperature VAWR501815m bias corrected
2.8precipitation IMET0051m Not available

* Heights are approximate based on similar tower-top configuration in Subduction Experiment.

Last updated: May 17, 2008